I think this is so important.

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Game of Thrones + Hands

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What do you think that was going on through the heads of your characters when they saw each other again? (x)

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#emmy nominated television

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Samira Wiley (x) and Danielle Brooks (x) on Instagram

In case you weren’t aware, these two have been best friends irl for 6 years and went to Julliard together.

The fact that their off-screen relationship is as tight as their on-screen relationship is FUCKING AWESOME. 

no seriously that is insanely cool

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get to know me meme: five female characters — mindy lahiri (the mindy project)

"My plan was to marry rich, and then stop working. Or to marry old and then, when the guy died, inherit all his money. But old guys think I have sass-mouth."

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What’s interesting about the wizarding world is when you take physical strength out of the equation a woman can fight just the same as a man can fight, a woman can do magic just as well as a man can do magic. -J.K. Rowling

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